Resin Bound



Pure Paving & Resin analyse all of the products available in order to give our customers the highest-quality results. We ensure all of the products we use are of high quality and will meet your needs for the space, whether this is a particular colour or texture, we will source the finest materials to make sure your space surpasses your expectation. We offer a 15 year product guarantee on all of our resin bound systems.

We offer a UV stable resin which does not fade or discolour. It is UV resistant which means you can get creative with your design and be confident that it will last for many years to come. Pure Paving & Resin will create a space that you will enjoy now and for many, many years to come. The resin bound stone creates a long-lasting, even, anti-slip, permeable surface. It is achieved by carefully coating each stone with clear resin. Each stone can have a different shape and colour and covering them with resin not only keeps them together, but also protects them.

The aggregate is mixed on site using a forced action mixer, it is a cold mixture which is applied to an appropriate sub-base. Suitable bases include concrete or tarmac. The resin depth on average is 15-18mm thick and is hand applied for precision and quality finish.

Resin can be a very cost affective way to revive your driveway or patio if it already has a suitable base. The overlay process involves a full clean of surface new border installed and a 15-18mm resin aggregate, this process is very quick with a 2 day completion, 1 day preparation and one day installation.


  • Low maintenance, a pressure washer once or twice per year should be sufficient
  • Permeable, reducing the risk of unwanted puddles and localised flooding
  • Waterproof, for added durability
  • Non slip surface, for extra grip
  • The surface is smooth, reducing the risk of tripping and it makes it pushchair and wheelchair friendly
  • You can order a bespoke design with a house number, unique pattern or your logo by mixing your choice of colours and shapes
  • Works great with underfloor heating, for added comfort
  • UV resistant, so the colour lasts longer than on composition created with exposed stone
  • No weeds can go through, so you do not have to worry about it becoming untidy
  • It’s Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) compatible